For Starters…Dad

This is sooo interesting!  Let’s look at where I have been.  I come from an Irish potato famine (The Mooney’s), Bronx NY  landing heritage, but there is another side of me.  Lewis is my “Dad’s” surname. I wish I knew more about my true bloodline, but I do not. I found out at the age of 42, that my Dad, Dan Lewis, was not my biological father (Ain’t that a bitch!), but I’m fine with it. He still taught me quite a bit. For instance, how to hook a worm, how to load a boat onto a trailer, how to drive a Chevy Impala, and how to be … strong in the face of resistance. He was a true Patriot. My Dad retired US Air Force after 20 years in and still worked on the Base many years afterwards. Once I tried to wear a denim jacket with a USA flag patch on it, and he had a fit. “You are not supposed to wear the flag”! I immediately said “OK”.  He may not have been the best Dad in the world. but he taught me Patriotism. Dan had a temper. Many knew this.., it’s almost his patent. But the passion he had for America could not be dismayed.  He was a die hard Reagan conservative. At the age of 51, I still thank him, in a quiet and soft way, for helping me understand what this good country stands for. America stands for freedom of speech, caring for one another in a Christian way, helping your fellow man, and taking pride in being a Patriot. With much inspiration and the spur of the current events, I will try my best to stay steady and discuss, what we , as Patriots need to do to keep our country free and proud. Thank You. B


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